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How to apply for taxrefund USA with Usit ColoursHow to apply for Tax Refund USA 

To get your tax refund you should file a US tax return (form submitted to the taxation authorities). According to US tax law, every person who has worked in the US is required to file a tax return, no matter what type and amount of taxes he/she has paid. The good news is that, as a result, most of the students that have worked in the US get most of their money back.

Actually, it is very easy to get your taxes back – the only thing you should do is go to any of our offices where we will take care of everything. It doesn't matter which agency you used to participate in Work&Travel USA. Usit Colours' professionals have the needed expertise and knowledge of all the critical points in applying US laws, regulations and exceptions related to the tax refund process. That is why they can fill in your tax return in the most correct and, of course, legitimate way, and guarantee the highest refund possible.

In Usit Colours you get full service: advice, calculation, filling and filing of the tax return, keeping track of the status of your account and delivery of your check. With Usit Colours your TAX REFUND is a piece of cake – еverything is simple and clear for you, while the whole work is done by experts.





Calculation of your Tax Refund

In order to find out how much your Tax Refund will be, you can bring (or e-mail) your W-2 form or the last paycheck from each of your employers to any of our offices. Our consultants will calculate your tax refund right away - for free! The calculation is only preliminary and is based on the information presented by you.





In order to start the process we will need the following documents:


»    Your W-2 form or the last paycheck from each of your employers;


»    A copy of your Social Security Card;


»    A copy of your J1 visa (for the period you would like to apply for tax refund);


»    A copy of your DS-2019 (for the period you would like to apply for tax refund).


Bring these documents in the office of USIT COLOURS where our experts will take over – they will fill in and send your tax form, and will watch over the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and State Departments to stick to the deadlines.


If you have worked in USA with another type of visa, bring in all available documents mentioned above. We will inform you in case we need something else. You do not need to worry if, for some reason, you cannot provide one of the necessary documents (like W-2 form for example). The only thing you should do is ask any of our consultants for assistance - this will cost you nothing and certainly will lead to a faster and easier refund of your taxes.



Processing – how long will it take

You will not wait long to have your taxes calculated and the documents filled – our consultants do this right away. However, the processing of your tax return by the US Revenue Departments usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks. For some states this term is longer.



Receiving the refund


»    Standard Tax Refund Check


This is the most common way to get your US taxes. The check is issued by the US Revenue Department and you can receive it in one of our offices. The only thing left to do is to cash the check and spend your money. With Usit Colours cashing the tax refund check is also very easy. As a Usit Colours client you do not need to wait for the standard period of one month or pay high fees to cash your check. Just go to Bank DSK where you can get your money immediately and for the lowest fee – 7 EUR per check if you want your money in cash, and 5 EUR per check if you want them deposited into your DSK bank account.


»    Use your Tax Refund for another WAT Summer


What about another summer in USA? It's easy - pay with your taxes! Now you can invest your taxes in your next Work and Travel program even before you actualy have them back. All you need to do is enroll in USITAX-to-WAT by bringing all required documents for both Tax Refund and Work and Travel, and we will take care of the details...


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