How much does it cost

How much does Work and Travel USA cost?

The work and travel USA price is $599 for self-arranged program and $899 if you want to use the advantage of the pre-arranged program. These prices are valid if you enroll till the end of September!




We are so sure that we are giving you the best deal for the whole program therefor we are prepared to provide you with a Best Price Guarantee policy.


Come to our office in Blagoevgrad and find out more about our exclusive AUBG offer.



We are confident that we are giving you the best deal for the whole program therefore we provide you with a Best Price Guarantee. If by any chance someone from your university have paid a lower retail price for the whole package of services related to the program Work & Travel USA, we will not only compensate you with the difference, but will give you additional 50% of it as a bonus.





If you choose Usit Colours you will actually save because:

»    We do not charge you extra for the option to receive full refund of you program and flight costs, if you get a visa refused. You save $50 to $80;


»    We do not charge you extra for additional travel insurance, if you wish to take advantage of the full length of the program. You save $40 to $60;


»   We do not charge you any fees for job offer approval,  filling and preparing the documents required to apply for work permit (DS2019) of for a visa. You save $20 to $60.


»    We do not charge you various miscellaneous taxes and fees throughout the program for document translation, shipment, payment of SEVIS or other. You save $15 to $45.


»    We do not oblige you to pay to us only by bank and to bear the costs of the bank payments. You save $5 to $15.


»    We provide you with a full assistance amending your travel plans to and from U.S. at no extra service charge. You save $50 to $150.




Other costs related to your participation in summer Work & Travel that are mandatory and you should bear in mindOther costs related to your participation in summer Work & Travel that are mandatory and you should bear in mind:

»    $160 visa interview fee collectable by the American Embassy in Bulgaria

»    $35 SEVIS fee collectable by the US Government

»    Cost of your flight to the States. Keep in mind that the United States are quite large, the price will depends on your destination and the reservation date.



Typically the program prices in a number of 2 installments – first you pay deposit and later in the preparation of your program the other part of the program feeHow do I pay?

Usually program fee is paid in two steps - first you pay a deposit and on a later stage the rest of the fee is due. For your convenience we offer other payment plans. You can find more information about them below:





»    Deferred Payment

To help you manage your payments according to your budget, that’s why we developed a convenient payment way! You can pay your program fee in equal monthly installments. Learn more about it in our offices.



»    Tax to WAT

Use your taxes from the previous summer in the USA to pay your program fees! If your tax refund is higher than the program costs, you will receive the difference in US dollars as soon as your refund is approved! Easier and faster!



»    Credit

Yes, we thought about this situation too! We can offer you several options to finance your program – learn more about them in each of our offices.




*All quoted prices in USD could be paid either in that currency of in BGN based on the exchange rate between the USD and BGN announced by the Bulgarian National Bank for the day of payment.





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