About us

What is Usit Colours?

Usit Colours is a licensed tour operator and is one of the largest travel agencies in Bulgaria. It has more than 12 years experience in providing travel arrangements and educational exchange programs. Guaranteed quality and individual approach to each client makes Usit Colours preffered choice.




The motto of Usit Colours

"Live. Travel. Discover "is the belief of all of us, 60 employees of Usit Colours, and our motto "Live colourful" is the covenant that we follow every day. Living Colourful means for us to open your world for new ideas and cultures and trying to understand them and live.




Company Information

USIT Colours Bulgaria Ltd
UIC 130881129
Turoperator license - PKK-01-05771
Turagent license - 04959



Feedback Form

If you are a client of Usit Colours and would like to give us your feedback about our products or services, or submit a complaint, you could use our feedback form.

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