Karol Wojtyla Bari Airport

Bari Airport – General Information

The International Airport "Karol Wojtyla" in Bari represents an indicator of economic development and progress for Puglia, a region projecting fast growth and high productivity in Southern Italy. The airport, also known as Palese (named after the nearby neighborhood) is located 8 km Northwest of the center of Bari. Others: Brindisi Fodzhia, Taranto.



Transportation to the City

By Car

From the center of Bari you should travel 8 km Northwest by Via Napoli, by the sea, in the direction of the neighborhood Palese. The deviation for Palese and for the airport coincides, as the airport building is visible about a kilometer from the beach.


By Taxi

The traveling with a taxi between the city and the airport will take you 20-25 minutes and will cost you around 20 euros.

Radio Taxi | tel.:080 5543333

Apulia Taxi | tel.:080 5346666


By Bus

Bus 16 travels from Piazza A. Moro to the airport, from 5 am until 11 pm. The average interval of waiting the bus is 60 minutes and the trip itself takes 35-40 minutes. The price of the ticket is 0.77 euro. There is a direct bus line which connects the Central Station with the airport. The trip takes 25-30 minutes and cots 4.15 euro.





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By Dilyana Georgieva

updated 09.2014

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