Orly Paris Airport

Orly Paris Airport

Orly airport is about 14 km from the center of Paris. It is the second largest airport in Paris and is the closest one to the city. Until the construction of Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly was the largest and most important airport of Paris. Even after the most part of the international traffic moved to the Charles de Gaulle, Orly remained one of the busiest French airports, assuming the majority of domestic traffic. With 26.4 million passengers in 2007 Orly is the second busiest airport in France. Besides domestic routes Orly serves flights from Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America.



The airport has two terminals - North Terminal and South Terminal.

It is equipped with about 25 restaurants and bars, banks, ATMs, Internet cafes, conference rooms and others.

About 500m from the terminals the Hilton Hotel is located, which is ready to accept guests at any time of the day.



Transportation to the City

Orly Airport has its own railway station, which allows passengers to connect directly for the city center.

Besides the trains, the connection with the city can also be achieved by several bus lines. Taxis to the city center will take you for about 35 euros. Another option for transportation is the route taxi that will take you to your hotel in the center for 15-20 euros.






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