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Blue Air - General Information

The airline is established on 13th December, 2004 in Bucharest and it is the first Romanian airline with a 100% private capital. It is the first Romanian low-cost airline that offers flights to many European cities at low prices and excellent conditions for its customers.


Blu Air acquires its first plane Boeing 737-300 in December, 2004. In August, 2005 Blu Air enlarges its fleet with one more Boeing 737-300. In January, 2006 the company enriched its roads with a new destination – Bucharest – Barcelona. Furthermore, in February, 2006 Blu Air introduced flights Bucharest – Brescia and Arad-Brescia. During the autumn the same year (October, 2006) Blu Air presented more new flights with a starting point Buckarest: Bacau-Torino, Bacau-Rome, Cologne, Brussels South Charleroi, Cluj and Bologna. In December, 2006 the new flights to Verona and Malaga are introduced. Meanwhile the fleet of Blu Air is updated with one more Boeing 737-400. In February, 2007 Blu Air realized a flight to Lisbon, and in the same year in June, Bucharest – Stuttgart, marking a record for its sales with more than 1 million reservation. In October, 2007 Blu Air realized new flights to Italy, Belgium and England, and in December – flights from Bacau to Paris Beauvais and Milan. The company found a new destination in December, 2007 – Venice Treviso. Then the forth plane Boeing 737-400 joined. In March, 2008 the planes of Blu Air already flied to Arad, Berlin and Larnaca. Another Boeing 737-300 joined the family of Blu Air in May. In the same year in June new destinations were active from Sibiu: Stuttgart and Cologne. During this month the number of passengers reached 2 million. In July, 2008 a new flight Constanta-Brussels was realized. Meanwhile Blu Air acquired a new plane Boeing 737-800 Next Generation. Madrid is the new destination from Sibiu in August, 2008. October, 2008 was marked by two new events for Blu Air: the new flights Bucharest-Reus and Arad-Treviso Venice; the first flight for the airline that is outside the line Romania-Brussels-London.



Main Headquarter and Flights

“Aurel Vlaicu” International Airport in Bucharest – Baneasa is in the North part of Bucharest, on the national highway DN-1, opposite of Prahova Valley. Advantages: its location is only 8.5 km from the center of the city, 1.5 km from the World trade center, and only 8 km from the hotels Intercontinental, Hilton and Parliament. The distance between “Aurel Vlaicu” International Airport Bucharest-Baneasa and the center of the city can be traveled for 10 minutes.




Currently the fleet of Blu Air consists of modern planes Boeing 737, 737-300, 737-400 and 737-500, with capacities ranging between 126 and 170 seats. The planes from the Next Generation series are technically the most modernist for their classification on the market. The market success of the series is due to the support of the aviation association of financial investor, who were constantly lobbying for the series. The reason is that the series itself outlines as their favorite with its high efficiency and redundant operational expenses for the class of planes that they belong to. Blu Air concluded a contract for 5 new planes from the Next Generation series, two from 800 series and three from 900 series.




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By Dilyana Georgieva

updated 09.2014

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