EasyJet - General Information

Established in 1995 EasyJet is an airline which transports more passengers than any other British company. Its fast success and growth pave the way for the boom of the cheap airlines during the late 90s, although the company was not the first, either the biggest low-cost transporter in Europe. In 2008 the services of EasyJet were used by 44.5 million passengers. The company mainly offers low cost flights from point to point, but it also has charter flights on behalf of other companies.



Main Headquarter and Flights

The company has domestic and international regular flight on 387 routes between 104 airports in 27 countries in Europe and North Africa.


The main base of the airport is Luton, London, although the biggest base is airport Gatwick, where flights to 63 destinations are offered. EasyJet maintains other bases in Europe, including Belfast, Berlin (Schonefeld), Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Mulhouse, Geneva, Glasgow, Liverpool, London (Stansted), Lion, Madrid (Barajas), Milan (Malpensa), Manchester, Newcastle, Paris.


Corfu, Crete, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Malta, Manchester, Montpellier, Mykonos, Nantes, Rhodes, Tenerife, etc. were among the main destinations for 2008. EasyJet offers flights from Sofia to London (Gatwick), Manchester, Milan (Malpensa) and Madrid.




Currently EasyJet has 166 planes in 20 bases in Europe. EasyJet uses mainly planes Airbus A319, and the average age of the machines is exclusively small – 3.5 years.



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