Low cost flights from Sofia under €25

More affordable low cost flights from Sofia

New low-cost destinations from Ryan Air

Competition in the low-cost market in Bulgaria becomes more serious with the entry of the Ryan Air, which provides extremely low prices for flights from Sofia. Currently, the airline offers tickets for direct flights to 21 cities in the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Ireland.


Here we show you the cheapest one-way flights from Sofia in the fall:

from Sofia to: date departure Final price Book or buy:
Milan November 9  € 20  See offer / Buy 
Athens September 15  € 20  See offer / Buy
Cologne - Bonn September 27  € 20  See offer / Buy
Hamburg September 15  € 20  See offer / Buy
Venice September 26  € 20  See offer / Buy
Pisa September 8  € 20  See offer / Buy
Berlin September 12  € 23  See offer / Buy
Brussels October 30  € 23  See offer / Buy
Eindhoven November 15  € 23  See offer / Buy
Memmingen (Munich) October 14  € 23  See offer / Buy
London (Stansted) October 19  € 25  See offer / Buy
Roma  November 30  € 25  See offer / Buy
Stockholm (Skvasta) September 14  € 25  See offer / Buy
Prices include airport fees, administrative fees and service charge of the agency and hand luggage


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HOW TO BUY TICKETS FOR a low-cost airline?


To buy a ticket for a low-cost flight with us, use our online booking system, where you can find a suitable flight for travel dates of your choice directly to pay using a debit or credit card. For more information or reservation by our consultant can make a place in every office Usit Colours or 0700 15 115.



»     Prices include airport taxes, service charge for online reservation and carry on baggage

»     Cancellation and changes of flights are not allowed. ?
 »     Prices are valid for flights operated by Ryan Air. The number of places is limited and availability for these prices is not guaranteed.
 »     Prices are guaranteed as of time of publication: August 15, 2016
created 08.2016   /  updated 08.2016

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By Dilyana Georgieva