Plovdiv - Milan - Plovdiv - Last Chance to Fly Cheap with Ryan Air!


Last cheap flights with Ryan Air

Take advantage of the last cheap airplane tickets from Plovdiv to Milan, which Ryan Air offers before suspending its flights on the route Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo).


Be quick and you could still manage to reserve your ticket at prices as low as 19.99 euro.


The promotional prices are for the very last Ryan Air low cost flights to and from Milan (Bergamo) and could be booked at every Usit Colours's office or on 0700 15 115.




Selling period: till November 18, 2011

Travel Validity: till November 19, 2011



Lowest prices for oneway tickets tickets (airport taxes included):

 Airplane Ticket   Date
 Price from
Airplane Ticket Date  Price from
 Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo)
November 5   € 47.99  Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv
November 5   € 47.99
 Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo) November 8
  € 37.99  Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv November 8   € 37.99
 Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo) November 12   € 29.99  Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv November 12   € 29.99
 Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo) November 15
  € 25.59  Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv November 15   € 25.59 
 Plovdiv - Milan (Bergamo) November 19
  € 19.99  Milan (Bergamo) - Plovdiv November 19    €19.99



Fares are net and do not include taxes.  Seats are limitted and are subject to availability.



Fares are last updated on October 28, 2011.


The final ticket price depends on your chosen date of flight, any additional desired added (e.g. checked luggage, priority check-in, etc.).




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By Dilyana Georgieva