That's a Promotion! Sofia - Paris For Only 139 Euro

Sofia - Paris cheap tickets

All your life you have dreamed of visiting Paris, but you couldn't afford it? Well now you could - with the amazing fall promotion by Air France you have the chance to fly to the French capital at an incredibly low prices - from 139 euros, airport taxes included.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit Paris with cheap airline tickets and outstanding airline company! Hurry up and reserve now in any of our offices, or on 0700 15 115.







Selling Period: 15 ноември 2011 - 30 ноември 2011

Travel Validity: 15 ноември 2011 - 31 март 2012




Expempliary dates for the lowest price of a round trip ticket

Sofia - Paris

Paris - Sofia

 Price from

 November 24
 November 29
€ 139
 November 29
 December 4
 € 139
 December 5
 December 9
€ 139
 December 23
 December 31
€ 139
 January 10
 January 15
€ 139
 January 16
 January 21
€ 139
 February 5
 February 11
€ 139
 February 20
 February 25
€ 139
 March 2
 March 6
€ 139
 March 7
 March 11
€ 139


Prices include airport taxes, but do not include a service fee . Seats are limitted and are subject to availability.


Fare conditions:

Minimum stay - 3 days or a weekend (must include a Saturday night); Maximum stay - 1 month.

Any changes on an issued ticket are not permitted. Tickets are nonrefundable in case of cancellations.

Fares are only valid on Air France flights.









































































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By Dilyana Georgieva