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Turkish Airlines – General Information

The Turkish Airlines were founded back in 1933 and are the national transporter of Turkey. The airline regularly flies to 127 international and 35 domestic cities, serving a total of 165 airports in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. The main base of the airline is the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. In 2009 the company transported a total of 25.1 million passengers, with a total annual income of $4 billion.


The Turkish Airlines are nominated by Skytrax to have the best food in the economy class, as well as to be the fastest growing airline in Europe.



Main Headquarter and Flights

The base of the company is the international airport "Ataturk" in the European part of Istanbul. According to data from 2010 the airline is the fourth largest airline in Europe and the largest in Southeastern Europe, with 12,000 employees and over 140 passenger planes and 5 cargo planes. The average age of the planes is 6.2 years.


On April 1, the Turkish Airlines joined the network of Star Alliance.




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By Dilyana Georgieva

updated 09.2014

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