Great flight benefits and special deals for students

Hot deals for students and youths from Usit ColoursSave up to 200 leva with air tickets from Usit Colours of Bulgaria Air


Трябва ти самолетен билет за Рим, Берлин, Милано, Франкфурт, Лондон, Париж, Амстердам, Виена, Брюксел и Копенхаген?


Do you need tickets for a flight to Rome, Berlin, Milan, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels or Copenhagen?



Are you a full-time student, age <31, or a free-time youth, age 12-24 years?


Are you a full-time student, age <31, or a free-time youth, age 12-24 years?




If the answers to these questions are positive, then you could take advantage of a number of deals and benefits and add some extras to your air ticket without any additional payment:




Пътуваш с 2 куфара по 23 кг, вместо само с един - спестяваш €50

» Travel with 2 bags, 23 kg each, instead of only 1 bag - save €50

Thanks to the special student and youth fares of Bulgaria Air and Usit Colours, you can save from the cost of a second luggage for your flight, because you get it for free! Normally, the baggage allowance for most of the flights is 1 and only those who travel for a longer period of time know how impossible it is to pack your whole baggage in this limited space and weight. As a result, often one has to pay an extra-luggage fee, which in most cases costs €50.



 Фиксираш дата за обратен полет малко преди той да се състой» Choose a date for your return shortly before the return flight - save €50 more

By getting a student/youth flight offer from Usit Colours and Bulgaria Air you could buy a round-trip ticket without having to fix the return date in advance. This way you have the freedom to select a date for your return flight when you are absolutely certain of it, but no later than 21 days in advance.This benefit eliminates the probability for you to pay a date change penalty of at least €50 and also guarantees you pay a better price than the cost of 2 one-way tickets.  



Самолетни билети от Варна и Бургас на цената на автобусни билети » Airline Tickets from Varna and Bourgas at the price of bus tickets

If it is more convenient for you, only for €20 more you could fly to your desired destination in Europe, from Varna or Bourgas, with a fast transfer between the flights at Sofia Airport. Don’t spend hours of travelling to Sofia and back by bus or car, because now flying is cheaper for you. For example, a roundtrip ticket Varna – Rome, via Sofia, would cost only €20 more than a roundtrip ticket Sofia – Rome.



Периодът на пътуване не е от значение» Your travel dates do not affect the availability of the benefits and discounts

In contrast to most of the other promotions and offers, which are valid only for low-seasons, the youth benefits from Usit Colours and Bulgaria Air are valid for each and every day of the year. So, you can use them also for your travellings for Christmas, Easter or your summer vacation.



» Add a train ticket in Germany to your trip with a 50% discount - save €40 more

Travel fast and inexpensively by train to Dusseldorf, Munich, Cologne-Bonn, Leipzig, Hamburg, Stuttgart or another German destination from Frankfurt Airport or Berlin Airport, at half price. The youth and student fares from Usit Colours and Bulgaria Air guarantee you special conditions and benefits for the tickets for your trips with Deutsche Bahn trains, when combined with a direct flight to Frankfurt or Berlin from Bulgaria. This way you enjoy not only cheaper, but also a faster way of transportation to almost every point in Germany..




* In order to make use of all these benefits and extras to your flight, you need to have a valid student discount card - ISIC or EYCA card. If you don’t possess such a card, you could have it issued in a Usit Colours office or you can order it online.


For some destinations, the high-season rule exists, so a €20 extra payment might be required, but all the benefits and specials, described above remain.

The second bag condition is not valid for flight to Copenhagen.





» Book a ticket using the student or youth benefits in ever office of Usit Colours «





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